Office Outline

1. The Orita Law Office was originally established in 1985 with offices in the Oike Building (formerly, the Toho Seimei Building) located on Oike Street in Kyoto. In 1991, the office name was officially changed to the gKeyaki Law Officeh in honor of the Zelkova trees situated in front of our building (Keyaki means Zelkova in Japanese.) For many years, the Zelkova trees delighted us with deep greens in the summer and changing colors in the fall. Later, the trees were cut-down to make way for subway construction and the Keyaki Law Office was relocated to its present location on Karasuma Street.

2. Attorneys at the Keyaki Law Office focus on civil law matters and remain highly active in the fields of condominium law, housing issues, consumer law, medical malpractice, international business transactions, and environmental law. Our attorneys specialize in real property related legal matters, estate planning and inheritance issues, business and contract law, and general litigation including, but not limited to, family law, commercial law, and criminal law cases.

3. Over the years, attorneys at the Keyaki Law Office have worked diligently to represent the interests of individual citizens in both litigation and administrative law matters. We remain committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Address Yasaka Karasumaoike Bldg. 5F, karasuma Oike Agaru. Nakagyo-ku. Kyoto. 604-0845 JAPAN
TEL 075-211-4643
FAX 075-211-8552



Yasuhiro Orita


Haruko Fujiwara


Ryo Asai


Koji Fushimi


Ryota Inaoka


Hisako Kobayashi


Yuki Hayashi

Foreign Law Advisor

Nicolas Patrick O'Meara

[Attorney At Law (US)]